There isn’t much left of Iraq and Syria today. The destruction to infrastructure is estimated in the billions, the economy has collapsed, and their currency has little value. The devastation to human life is incalculable, and has created the worst refugee crisis in modern history. In Syria alone, over 6.5 million people have been internally displaced, and over 2.5 million have fled to live as refugees outside their country.

The destabilization of Syria and Iraq has allowed for the rise of ISIS, the most extreme Islamic group in existence. ISIS has besieged cities throughout Syria and Iraq, claiming a new country for themselves called the Islamic State. Their “nation” is the size of Great Britain and covers territory in both countries. The implementation of their extreme form of Islam has resulted in mass killings of minorities, modern slavery, rape, child soldiers, and public beheadings. Their barbaric actions have caused fear to spread throughout the region and displaced more than a million people inside of Iraq.

Nearly a million refugees from Syria and Iraq have fled into Kurdistan seeking safe haven from an evil dictator and Islamic extremists. Thousands of families are in need of immediate help.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the children have been the forgotten victims of the horrific war. Today, over 5 million children are in need of assistance, including over 1 million Syrian children who have sought refuge in neighboring countries. These children are at risk of becoming a "lost generation" and cannot be ignored. We must save The Children.

The children of both countries, vulnerable girls and boys need your support and love. Syria continues to be one of the toughest places in the world to be a child. If we are to save the children, we must help Syria and Iraq - provide nutritious food for  kids, support education in  refugee camps and much more. Donate to  Babylon Global. This is not charity for Syria or Iraq, it is an investment in a peaceful future for all of our children.


Education is the road that children follow to reach their full potential in life.

Yet many children in need around the world do not get a quality education where they can learn and develop. To advance learning, Babylon Global supports education programs for children in the classroom and at home.

We train teachers to engage their students through more effective teaching practices.
We coach parents and caregivers to help their children learn early on, so they are prepared to enter school.
We offer ways for parents and community volunteers to get kids reading and doing math outside of school hours.
We introduce children to the power of artistic expression — drawing, painting, music, drama, dance and more — to help them heal, learn and do better in school.
We make sure that children don't stop learning during a crisis, and we help to keep kids healthy so they don't fall behind or drop out.


​Nearly 5.9 million children die each year due to preventable and treatable causes, including 1 million babies who die on the day they are born. What's more, malnutrition contributes to the deaths of children and a lifetime of poor health. More than 150 million children in developing countries are malnourished.

That's why Babylon Global is committed to providing robust health and nutrition programs that save children's lives and ensure they grow up healthy.

​​Children like Annie are counting on you. If she has help when she's hungry, scared or falling behind in school, then she has a chance at a better life. That's why Babylon Global invests in childhood - every day, in times of crisis and for our future. In the U.S. and around the world, we give girls and boys a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. When generous people like you make your 100% tax-deductible gift, children's lives are saved and their futures are brighter.

Babylon Global invests in childhood – ev

Every child deserves clean water

Nearly 1,000 children under age 5 die every day from diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and improper hygiene. We believe the global water and sanitation crisis can be solved within our lifetimes, and we’re focused on providing clean water and sanitation to every man, woman, and child in every community we work in, including the most vulnerable populations in the hardest-to-reach places.